Preserving Healthcare Benefits for Small Businesses

Over the past four years, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided healthcare to 24 million individuals who otherwise couldn’t access coverage, many of whom work for small employers or are themselves entrepreneurs. The ACA has also been crucial to stabilizing rates in the small-group market, with small-group rate increases being cut in half since the law’s implementation, as well as helping would-be entrepreneurs have the security they need to pursue their dreams.

Despite these gains, Congress has persisted in numerous attempts this year to repeal or replace the ACA, often behind closed doors. Now that current repeal efforts seem at a standstill, it’s time for lawmakers to get to work on bipartisan improvements to the ACA that will strengthen the health insurance marketplaces and support the needs of small business owners.

This panel discussion will engage small business owners, policy experts and legislative staff in an interactive dialogue about proactive improvements to our healthcare system that will bolster small businesses.